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November 2019 - January 2020 

Co-editor for Accent Magazine
Layout design

Issue Theme: Constellations

All around the world, we look up and observe the same constellations. Yet these patterns in the sky invoke different feelings in each of us. What do these arrangements mean to you? Do they remind you of history, religion, myths, or some other aspect of culture? Do you feel a sense of hope or do they serve as a source of light in your life? A sense of destiny? Was there a series of meaningful events in your life that remind you of the way constellations form? How have "the stars aligned" for you? This semester, we encourage you to explore this theme and to share your own stories about how the word "constellation" fits into your life. 

Design Process

With the theme of constellations in mind, as the Creative co-editors of the magazine, Linna and I brainstormed about ways we can incorporate skies that embody the constellations in a unique and compelling way. We started experimenting with both organic and geometric shapes and decided to combine the two in a unified way to represent the geometric aspects involved with constellations and the nature of life at the same time. The design for each page is completely unique and is inspired by the content of each piece, alluding to the unique stars that make up a sky of constellations.

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