Hey, I’m Alara! I’m a designer, technologist, and an entrepreneur. I’m currently a junior at Yale University majoring in Computer Science and Graphic Design.

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My Story

My interdisciplinary studies in Computer Science and Graphic Design allow me to embrace my passion for technologic innovation and human centered design. In addition to taking a wide array of classes at the intersection between design, business, and technology I’m also an active member of the communities on campus where these areas intersect. I lead and work with a diverse array of teams on projects ranging from Virtual Reality research to advising eCommerce startups.


When I’m not enjoying being outside with my friends while the weather is warm, painting denim jackets as a side hustle or exploring New Haven’s food scene one restaurant at at time, you can often find me at Yale’s Center for Innovation & Design laser cutting a personalized wooden sign for my friend’s birthday, 3D printing a keychain, or sewing a new tote bag for myself. Working hands on doing crafts has been a nearly meditative experience for me that allowed me to take a break from my work & school and decompress into a creator mode in which I turn my ideas into physical forms. I’m constantly looking for ways to learn new skills from soldering cables to crocheting to book binding. My most recent project has been painting a scene from the Lord of the Rings onto the fore-edge of a Lord of the Ring book as a birthday gift.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.